Introduction to the Discovery ‘Coastal Core’ and ‘Coastal Saver Options’

Background to the Perspective

It was long ago the contention of the actuaries charged with the responsibility of pre-estimation of costs and benefits of the various options provided by medical schemes, that the medical costs of urbanised members was more of a drain on the financial resources of schemes when compared with those in ‘the country’. Also, it was a statistical fact that members living in coastal areas were, on average, less costly than those in major ‘commercial dynamo’ regions such as Johannesburg.

The logical consequence was that slightly lower charges could be offered to persons living in coastal regions, and in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, this preferential advantage was, and still is, perfectly legal. Out of this facility was born the Coastal Core series of options, where the word ‘Coastal’ meant literally applicable to members living in the coastal provinces of South Africa, and the word ‘Core’ meant that the option was very basic, in that it covered the member and his/her dependants for hospitalisation as well as the chronic medication for the conditions prescribed under the Medical Schemes Act DISCOVERY HEALTH had certainly hit on an exciting new concept to give them the edge in South Africa’s medical aid development within the coastal provinces. By adding a savings portion to the premium in combination with some other benefit ‘tweaks’, a ‘Saver’ Option was added to the ‘Core’ Option which in itself provided a fair amount of additional annual benefit at a proportionate additional monthly cost.

If you revert to the details of the above two options scheduled in detail on the website ‘’ (this is the healthcare website of Informed Healthcare Solutions (Pty) Ltd (I H S), you will get the basic knowledge of what is available under two of the most utilised current options within the healthcare industry.

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