Medshield Medical Aid

Medshield has been operating since 1968 and the merged entity is now the 4th largest medical scheme in the country, covering aproximately 191 000 lives. Medshield (incorporating Oxygen) has a Global Credit Rating of AA – and has reserves well in excess of the legislated 25%

Medshield (incorporating Oxygen) has a range of options of which we are featuring 2 on the website. All benefits on all the options are pro-rated depending on when in the year one joins the scheme and a member has the option of changing their plan without medical underwriting once per year effective from 01 January of the following year.


An option designed for people who would like to ensure that they have in-hospital cover in case of emergencies where the related bills are paid at 200% of the medical scheme rate. It also includes cover for the 27 Prescribed minimum benefit chronic conditions and emergency evacuation to hospital.


Offers unlimited in-hospital cover at 200% of the medical scheme rate. It also includes very generous chronic condition cover over and above what is legislated under Prescribed minimum benefits. Evacuation to hospital in the event of an emergency is also covered. Day to day cover is in the form of a day to day benefit limit amount with additional cover for GP visits, basic dentistry and basic optometry.



This independent cover will pay the additional amount charged by the surgeon and anaesthetist above the scheme rate up to a maximum amount of 5 x scheme rate for in-hospital accounts.”

Quick facts:

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