Medical Schemes, current and former, big and small

Another archival extract from one of our 2003 journals, which might be of interest to people who follow the healthcare funding environment with interest. Schemes mentioned in that summary with current comment, were:

Discovery Health - still going from strength to strength Cape Medical Plan - still going with reasonable reserves but a small ageing membership

Oxygen - this scheme merged with Medshield which is administered by Medscheme

Genesis - a small independent scheme which is self-administered and still survives well.

Prosperity Health - this scheme had a large Namibian membership but its South African component no longer survives

Omnihealth - once managed by Medscheme and taken over by Metropolitan, does not exist.

Discovery Health, the benefits of which are well covered in our Informed Healthcare Solutions (Pty) Ltd website ‘’, has been the most innovative and fastest growing scheme within the South African healthcare sector over many years. It is possibly best known for its Vitality product which offers a wide range of health and monetary benefits including discounts on Discovery Life Insurance premiums.

Go straight to the above website and e-mail for a quote, or better still, just telephone 021-7128866 for a chat with one of the very helpful and friendly consultants at Informed Healthcare Solutions (Pty) Ltd. You can do this even if you are on a medical aid at this time.

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