The IHS Commitment

Informed Healthcare Solutions (IHS) undertake to deliver the following services to our clients:

  • Regular calls to group scheme client’s premises by a representative of our company to handle any queries.  Regularity to be determined by client’s needs.
  • Assistance with the completion of new applications, addition of dependants and chronic illness benefit applications.
  • Initial product training and thereafter as requested for new members.
  • Individual consultation with members experiencing any administrative problems.
  • Reconciliation of billings statements prior to payment date as requested.
  • Assistance with problems relating to unpaid claims.
  • Individual claims history reports as requested.
  • Continuing advisement of changes to legislation, underwriting procedures or product rules and structure, which may be of importance to or affect the members in any way.
  • All the medical aid scheme’s rates and benefits change annually with effect from 1st January.  Members are afforded the opportunity to change their medical aid option for the following year.  We will communicate these changes to members timeously in order for the necessary changes to be made.  We will present these changes to group scheme clients at their premises.


Quick facts:

IHS undertake to deliver the following service to our clients:

Regular calls, initial product training, individual consultation, reconciliation of billings statements, assistance with problems, individual claims history reports, continuing advisement and more