Discovery Prepaid Health Has Launched – Newsletter March 2021

Prepaid Health Has Launched

Discovery Prepaid Health has launched, with a variety of prepaid vouchers for medical care, available to all South Africans regardless of whether they are Discovery Health members or not.

Currently, you can purchase GP+Meds vouchers. In the future, you will be able to add vouchers for pharmacy, pharmacy clinic + meds and online GP + meds.

If you have an existing Discovery profile, you can log into the website and go to Prepaid Health with your existing log in details. Prepaid Health is run from the Discovery Connected Care platform, on your PC or Smart Phone.

You are also able to accept virtual consultation calls on this platform, and eScripts and Health Records will become available here.

You can top up your balance online through the website (with a debit or credit card), or buy vouchers at a number of petrol stations and retail stores.

Discovery Prepaid Health Vouchers

Blu Vouchers are available at:

  • BP,
  • Global,
  • Puma,
  • Quest,
  • Sasol,
  • Shell
  • Total service stations,
  • Hypercheck and City Express retail stores.

1ForYou vouchers are available at:

  • Flash Traders,
  • Ackermans,
  • Checkers,
  • Dealz,
  • House & Home,
  • OK,
  • Pep,
  • PepCell,
  • PepHome,
  • Shoprite
  • and USave retail outlets.

When logged in, you can click on the Share button to share a rand amount of your choice with another person. This person does not have to be a relative or a Discovery Health member, but must have a Prepaid Health profile. They will receive a voucher that they will need to upload to their profile and use to pay the GP.

Please note that Prepaid Health has its own designated GP list and only GPs on this list can be paid using the Prepaid Health system.

View Discovery Prepaid Health GP List PDF

6 Discovery Contact Numbers

Discovery members can contact Discovery on the following numbers:

  1. Medical Scheme & Gap Cover: 0860 99 88 77
  2. Vitality: 0860 99 88 77
  3. Bank: 0800 97 96 97
  4. Car and Home Insurance: 0860 751 751
  5. Life Insurance: 0860 00 54 33
  6. Investments: 0860 67 57 77

Check Your Benefits

Discovery has a number of tools that you can use to check your benefits and cover. These are available on the website and are specific to your cover once you have logged in with your user name and password.

  • Benefit and Limit Tracker: This area will show you your existing plan, and which hospital and out-of-hospital benefits you have already used, and what is still available to you. This includes screening benefits, allied and therapeutic benefits, and hospital limits for various procedures and items.
  • Do We Cover: This section shows you how various procedures and conditions are covered for your plan.
  • Condition Specific Care Programmes: If you have a chronic condition that includes a Care Programme, and you have enrolled in the programme, the details of your cover will be shown here.

Vitality Travel

Vitality has dropped the 21-day advance booking rule for Vitality Hotel Collection venues in South Africa. Vitality members can now book accommodation for local travel just 48 hours ahead of their check-in date.

This COVID-19 adjustment is valid from 25 March to 30 September 2021. Book your travel by logging into via the Vitality website or with your Vitality log in details.

If you are a Vitality and Vitality Money member (with a Discovery Bank product), you can spend your Discovery Miles at Travelstart and Safarinow.

Vitality Webinars

Vitality has completed a few live webinars on various benefits, and the videos are available on their Facebook page and YouTube. Two of the specific YouTube links are below:

Are you on track to get to Gold?

Your first steps with Vitality are the two online questionnaires:

  1. Find out your Vitality Age and earn 1500 points.
  2. Complete your first Mental Health Assessment of the year, for 500 points. Remember that this should be 6 months from your last one, and you can complete it again in 6 months for another 500 points.

The next step is your Vitality Health Check:

  1. Visit a Vitality Wellness Centre or one of the designated pharmacies to have your Health Check. It includes a weight assessment, blood pressure check, glucose and cholesterol. There are 3 additional tests for members over age 65 that can earn them additional points.The maximum points for the Health Check are 22 500 and the points awarded are based on how many high risk results you have as well as how many in-range results you have. You can complete the assessment again after 90 days if you think your results have improved.

Depending on your age and gender, you can complete certain screening checks:

  1. Colon Cancer Screen for men and women age 50+ : 2500 points once a year.
  2. Bone mass density test for women age 65+ and men age 70+ : 2500 points.
  3. Dental check up : 1000 points once a year.
  4. Glaucoma screening for members age 60+ : 2500 points once a year.
  5. Mammograms for women age 40+ : 2500 points once a year.
  6. Pap smears for women age 16-65 : 2500 points once a year.
  7. Vision test for members age 60+ : 1000 points once a year.
  8. HIV testing for members age 18+ : 5000 points for your first test and 1000 per year thereafter
  9. Audiology for members age 65+ : 1000 points once a year.
  10. Optometrist for members age 65+ : up to 3500 points per year.
  11. Premier Plus GP Consult for members age 65+ : up to 2500 points per year.

Earn Vitality points for being active, subject to your overall maximum of 30 000 for the year:

  1. Vitality Fitness Assessment: up to 7 500 points per year, subject to the overall maximum.
  2. Vitality High Performance Fitness Assessment: up to 10 000 bonus points per year.
  3. Earn points for fitness activities (see our next newsletter for a breakdown of these points), subject to your overall annual limit of 30 000, and subject to sub-limits in certain categories.

Other points that can be earned:

  1. Earn up to 12 000 per year for healthy eating and 1000 points for a dietician visit.
  2. Expecting and new mothers can earn points for classes and clinic visits, and baby vaccinations.
  3. Various vaccinations can earn points annually or once in a lifetime, for the whole family.

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