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We publish various Articles to help Individuals, Families, Employers or Employees keep up to date with the latest Medical Aid Industry News in Southern Africa. Our articles help people keep up to date with the latest National Health, Medical Aid Schemes updates & overall state of the Medical Aid industry in South Africa.

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2020 Newsletters

View & download your 2020 IHS Newsletters here:

IHS Discovery News – November/December

Prostate Cancer Awareness Newsletter – November

Breast Cancer Awareness Newsletter – October

The Hidden Impact Of Covid 19 – September

IHS Discovery News – July

Coronavirus Minimising Infection Risk – July

Obesity Health Risks Coronavirus – June

Common Comorbidities Covid-19 – June Update

Coronavirus Healthcare Newsletter – May

IHS Discovery News – April

World TB Day Newsletter – March

Coronavirus Newsletter – February

IHS Discovery News – Jan/Feb

IHS Newsletter – February

2019 Newsletters

View & download your 2019 IHS Newsletters here:

IHS Newsletter – November

IHS Newsletter – November

IHS Discovery News – October

IHS Newsletter – October

IHS Discovery News – September

IHS Newsletter – September

IHS Newsletter – August

IHS Newsletter – July

IHS Discovery News – June

IHS Newsletter – June

Discovery Newsletter – May

IHS Newsletter – May

IHS Discovery News – April

IHS Newsletter – April

IHS Discovery News – March

IHS Newsletter – March

IHS Newsletter – February

IHS Discovery News – January/February

2018 Newsletters

View & download your 2018 IHS Newsletters here:

Prostate Cancer Awareness Newsletter – November

Prostate Cancer Newsletter – November

Diabetes Newsletter – November

Breast Cancer Awareness Newsletter – October

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Remember, this service will cost you nothing. Nor will you have to pay more for your medical plan. In fact, medical aid companies prefer to engage us to submit applications because it makes their job easier and faster.

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