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Ambledown Gap Cover is a health and accident underwriting agency. Providing medical aid gap cover underwriting management and claims administration.

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Ambledown Gap Cover is one of the leading short-term health insurance product providers in South Africa:

  • The Principal member and immediate dependants that are registered as dependants on the Principal member’s South African Registered Medical Scheme.
  • Service providers such as specialists, surgeons, anaesthetists etc. who charge in excess of the medical scheme tariff for authorised in-hospital procedures and specified authorised out of hospital procedures.
  • Limited to five (5) times the Medical Scheme tariff
  • Out-patient chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and kidney dialysis

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Who can be covered should you take out a Ambledown Gap Cover policy:

Principal Member – Abledown Gap Cover policy

  • Principal member and immediate family (spouse and children) who are listed as dependants on the principal member’s medical aid.
  • The principal member requirements:
    • The minimum age of entry is 18,
    • Maximum age of entry is 65 with no cessation age,
    • Minimum age of entry for the gap senior range is 66 with no cessation age.


  • One Spouse (if more than one, an irrevocable nomination of one of the eligible spouses is required).
  • Eligible children:
    • Natural, adopted, stepchild and fostered
    • Unmarried and not yet attained the age of 21

Zero age limit on the handicapped

  • No age limit for mentally & physically handicapped children who are wholly dependent on the Principal member and a dependant on the Principal member’s medical aid.

Ambledown Age Limit Extension

  • This age can be extended for an eligible child who has not yet attained the age of 26 on condition that the child is unmarried and a dependant on the Principal member’s medical aid.
  • There is no limit to the amount of children that can be covered.

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