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Best Medical Aid Plans Compared Online: Every day hundreds of users visit our website to compare the best Medical Aid plans online. Comparing medical aid plans online in 2024 can be a bit of a mine field. South Africa has many medical aid schemes, each offering plans with a variety options and benefits.

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With more than 25+ years experience, Informed Healthcare Solutions knows a thing or two about the medical aid industry. Our medical aid consultants are always available to help you find a reasonable medical aid plan that suits your budget. What’s more, our services are free.

Our services add no extra cost to the member because it is factored into the premium at a maximum of 3% as legislated by the Council for Medical Schemes.

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In short, selecting a budget-friendly medical aid plan that covers your needs is just a few clicks away. Simply fill in our convenient no-obligation quote form provided, and one of our consultants will get in touch with you.

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Best Medical Aid Compared

Compare 34 Of The Best Medical Aid Plans In South Africa

Use the links below to compare medical aids, or make a free quote inquiry.

bonitas logo

Bonitas offers a range of plans that are reasonably priced with good benefits. The benefits include cost-effective cover for certain out-of-hospital expenses, and chronic medicine.

Compare 4 Bonitas Medical Plans

    1. BonEssential
    2. BonStandard
    3. BonSave
    4. BonPrimary

compare best medical aid plan discovery health logo

The Discovery Health Medical Scheme offers 22 medical aid plan options. We have included 11 of the best options for South Africans health, and financial needs.

Compare 11 Discovery Medical Aid Plans

 fedhealth logo

Fedhealth medical aid plans have been designed to cater for all South Africans. Plans offer full healthcare cover for pensioners and reasonably priced hospital plans for entry level customers.

Compare 5 FedHealth Medical Aid Plans

      1. MyFed
      2. FlexiFed 3 – Grid
      3. Flexifed 3 – Any Hospital
      4. Flexifed 4 – Any Hospital
      5. Flexifed Savvy

medical aid comparisons medihelp logo

Medihelp is one of the top five medical aid schemes in South Africa. We have listed four of the best plans, each of which offer extensive benefits for families or individuals.

Compare 4 Medihelp Medical Aid Plans

      1. MedVital
      2. MedAdd
      3. MedPrime
      4. MedSaver

medshield logo

Medshield is South Africa’s sixth-largest medical aid scheme. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level hospital plan or one that includes extra maternity and day-to-day benefits, Medshield has you covered.

Compare 3 Medshield Medical Aid Plans

      1. MediValue Prime
      2. MediPlus Prime
      3. MediSaver

medical aid comparisons momentum logo

Momentum Health is the 3rd largest scheme in South Africa. Members using  Momentum’s Health Platform are eligible for yearly screenings which aid in the early detection of potentially serious conditions.

Compare 7 Momentum Medical Aid Plans

    1. Custom Option – 2 Plans
    2. Incentive Option – 2 Plans
    3. Extender Option – 2 Plans
    4. Ingwe

medical aid gap cover logo

Best Medical Aid Plans – Looking For Affordable Gap Cover?

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