Medical Aid Gap Cover

Medical Aid Gap Cover For The Whole Family

Why do you need Medical Aid Gap Cover? Members of just about all medical aid schemes run the chance of costly shortfalls for his or her own account when they or their dependent find themselves hospitalised.

Gap Cover pays out for unforeseen expenses for the services provided by Specialists, General Practitioners and medical professionals throughout a stay in hospital (T&Cs apply).

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What is Gap Cover?

Gap Cover, like that offered by Ambledown, Sirago and Stratum, is a realistic kind of insurance designed to insure medical aid members against huge money outlays not covered by your Medical Aid Scheme (T&C’s apply).

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Medical Aid Gap Cover | How it works?

Please see the table below for some examples of when Gap Cover would pay out:

Rand amounts displayed are for example purposes only.
Procedure Cost Medical Aid Payout Shortfall Gap Claim
Appendectomy R43,500.00 R30,200. R13,300.00 R13,300.00
Caesarean Section R38,050.00 R24,000.00 R12,050.00 R12,050.00
Coronary Bypass R350,300.00 R285,000.00 R65,300.00 R65,300.00
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Looking For Affordable Gap Cover?

Why not visit our new Medical Aid Gap Cover website? We offer a wealth of relevant information on all the major Gap Cover companies, including:

  • Hassle-free quotes,
  • Gap Cover plan comparisons,
  • Helpful FAQ’s and more,
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Are you a pensioner?

Pensioners and seniors ought to make the most of the “72+ years” Gap Cover Packages we offer. Gap Cover Seniors is an affordable insurance product that offers cover for medical aid members and their spouses.

They are then covered against any shortfall (Gap) due to their health care provider charging higher than the Medical Scheme Tariff for incidents that necessitate hospitalisation.

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