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Momentum Ingwe 2024Day-to-day Hospital Plan

The Ingwe Hospital Plan provides affordable entry-level medical aid cover. Ingwe members can choose to use any private hospital, or the Ingwe Network of private hospitals. To save on monthly premiums members can use State hospitals. For chronic treatment, GP visits and prescribed medicine, the Ingwe Primary Care or Ingwe Active Network providers are used. Other Ingwe options and benefits include major medical, day-to-day expenses, maternity and baby programmes.

Ingwe 2024 Options And Benefits

Ingwe Options And Benefits: The Ingwe Option offers budget friendly hospital cover with no annual limit. Major medical claims are paid up to 100% of the Momentum Medical Scheme Rate. Hospital accounts and related in-hospital costs are paid from the Hospitalisation Benefit.

The Ingwe Primary Care Network

Members must use the Ingwe Primary Care Network for chronic care and day-to-day benefits, such as doctor visits or prescription medication.

Ingwe Active Network

If members prefer to use any private hospital, the Chronic and Day-to-Day Benefits provider is Ingwe Active Network.

In-hospital Benefit

The In-hospital Benefit includes hospitalization, as well as some out-of-hospital surgeries or treatments that can safely conducted in:

    1. A doctors medical practice.
    2. Registered day hospital.
    3. Or outpatient facility.

Major Medical Benefit

The Major Medical Benefit covers hospitalization, and certain specialised procedures or treatments at either:

  • Any private hospital,
  • The Ingwe Network of private hospitals,
  • Or state-run hospitals.

Claims are paid at 100% of the Momentum Medical Scheme Rate. The hospitalization benefit covers authorized hospital accounts and related costs from admission to release. T&C’s apply.

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Compare the options and latest 2024 plan updates in the tables below.

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Momentum Medical Scheme

The Momentum Medical Scheme is one of the top three open medical aids in South Africa. With a membership in excess of 290 000, and 23 affordable options, Momentum Health has a solvency ratio in excess of 31%.

 Momentum strives to reward their members by allowing them to potentially earn back over R 5000 in Health Returns per month. Moreover members can also reduce their contributions by choosing the Ingwe Network of Associated Hospitals, and chronic healthcare providers.

Why Choose Momentum?

Momentum Health provides members with free yearly health assessments, and substantial member contribution savings of up to 35%. Above all, in addition to in-hospital benefits, Momentum offers members a HealthSaver plan. By paying into this high interest savings account, members can save for day-to-day medical expenses not covered by their Ingwe Plan.

Momentum History

Metropolitan was established in 1898, and Momentum in 1966. Momentum Metropolitan Holdings (MMH) was founded by the merging of Metropolitan and Momentum, and was first listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on December 2010.

Momentum IngweBenefits & Options – 2024 Updates

The Momentum Ingwe Hospital Plan with day-to-day benefits.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5


Monthly Contributions
Income p/m R826 – R8150
R8151 - R11325
R11326 - R16100
Main Member R1 184
R1 507
R2 069
R2 970
Spouse/Adult dependent R1 184
R1 507
R2 069
R2 670
Child (Max 3) R542
100% scheme rate in-hospital.
Ingwe Hospitals to be used.
Oncology: State.
Renal Dialysis: State.
26 Chronic diseases: subject to scheme formulary: Ingwe Primary Care Network.
MRI/CT scans: As part of hospital admission at a state hospital.
GP's: must be on the Primary Care Network..
1 out of network visit per person, 2 visits per family with a R105 co-payment.

Momentum Ingwe Hospital Plan Application

Should you need assistance applying for the Momentum Ingwe Hospital Plan, why not use of our Medical Aid Application Form Help Page, and one of our Momentum consultants will contact you to explain the Ingwe Plan.


Our medical aid consultants at Informed Healthcare Solutions are ready to assist you in getting the best possible benefits to premium value.

In conclusion, we invite you to give us a call on +27 21 712 8866 at any point in your decision-making process for further information about the Momentum Ingwe Hospital Plan.

View Benefits On Momentum Website.

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Momentum Ingwe Hospital Plan FAQS

What is the Momentum Ingwe Hospital Plan?

The Ingwe Option provides economical medical aid cover. It’s ideal for young South Africans or students looking for economical medical aid in South Africa. Even though it is an entry-level medical aid plan, members receive hospital and day-to-day cover. Chronic illness benefits are also included, if you use Mometum’s Ingwe Network. T&C’s apply.

What is the Momentum Ingwe Health Platform Benefit?

The Health Platform Benefit is provided through the Ingwe Primary Care Network or the Ingwe Active Network. This benefit promotes health awareness, preventative treatment and early illness detection. There is also maternity education and advice during pregnancy, and early motherhood. T&C’s apply.

Does the Ingwe Option cover dental?

Examinations, fillings, and x-rays are all covered under basic dentistry. Each beneficiary is entitled to one pre-authorised dental consultation per year. T&C’s apply.

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