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Discovery Life Dread Disease 2024

Discovery Life Dread Disease: What is Discovery Life Dread Disease Cover? Discovery’s Severe Illness Benefit will pay you a lump sum to protect you from the financial impact of a critical illness. You could use this money to provide for needs such as modifying your home or lifestyle, or cover the cost of a live in care-giver.

Severe Illness Benefit

The Severe Illness Benefit can be added to your policy when you take out life insurance with Discovery.

To determine your individual needs, we suggest that you contact one of our advisers +27 21 712 8866 and request advice from him/her.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Discovery’s Severe Illness Benefit:

    1. You can claim more than once: Discovery’s Severe Illness Benefit includes the most extensive multiple claims facility in the market.
    2. Children and parents receive automatic cover: additional severe illness cover for your children and parents at no extra cost.
    3. Comprehensive cover for early cancers: the Early Cancer Benefit provides you with up to R160 000 for an extensive list of early cancers.
    4. Childbirth Benefit: the Childbirth Benefit covers multiple births as well as congenital birth defects.

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Discovery Life Dread Disease Benefits

LifeTime Benefit

The LifeTime Benefit considers the long-term impact that a severe illness is expected to have on your lifestyle. The number of dependants at the time of claim to determine the claim amount.

Cancer Relapse Benefit

With the Cancer Relapse Benefit you can receive a further payment of up to 100% of your insured amount on the recurrence of a cancer.

Discovery Life Dread Disease Female Benefit

The Female Benefit provides Discovery Life Dread Disease cover for specified severe illnesses affecting women, including cancer and complications of pregnancy.

Family Trauma Benefit

The Family Trauma Benefit covers your family for specified accidental injuries, including resuscitation or ICU stay.

Please note: Terms & Conditions apply to all the above benefits. Visit Discovery’s website.

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