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BonEssential 2024

Hospital Plan Only

The BonEssential Hospital Plan covers any private hospital and offers a variety of Preventative Care Benefits. The Bonitas Essential Plan provides a linked formulary for chronic medications, as well as a variety of maternity and child care options and benefits.

2024 Options & Benefits

BonEssential Options And Benefits: The BonEssential 2024 Hospital Plan is the affordable answer for families or individuals who need In-Hospital medical aid cover with maternity benefits. Moreover, Bonitas members enjoy extensive BonEssential Benefits such as unlimited hospital coverage including network cancer treatment.

Consequently over the last four decades in response to the changing healthcare demands of South African’s, Bonitas has evolved and increased its capacities. In addition to the In-Hospital benefits BonEssential Options include:

  • GP and specialist consultations, unlimited cover for network doctors,
  • Unlimited terminal oncology treatment,
  • 6 Antenatal, and 4 postnatal consultations,
  • Unlimited for PMBs at a DSP (co-payment for non-network),
  • Up to R10 million cover per family for international travel,
  • T&C’s apply.

BonEssential Benefit Booster

The Benefit Booster gives up to R1,000 in reimbursement for out-of-hospital claims, including the following:

  • Consultations with general practitioners and specialists.
  • Acute and non-prescription medication.
  • Consultations and therapy from biokineticists and physiotherapists.

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Compare the options and latest 2024 plan updates in the table below.


bonitas bonessential options and benefits affordable hospital plan unlimited cancer treatment

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Bonitas Medical Fund

Bonitas provides a variety of straightforward and easy-to-understand plans totaling 15 in number. Backed by strong networks with the leading suppliers, Bonitas is able to offer a slew of risk-free benefits. Whether you are an:

  • Go-getting entrepreneur,
  • Young couple with children,
  • Retiree or minimum wage earner.

The affordable BonEssential Options will be well suited to budget conscious South African’s.

Bonitas History

The Bonitas Medical Aid Scheme has been around for nearly 40 years, which has given the scheme extensive industry experience, and a solid understanding of South African’s private healthcare needs.

Bonitas BonEssentialBenefits & Options – 2024 Updates

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4


Monthly Contributions
Main Member R2 287 --- ---
Spouse/Adult dependent R1 690 --- ---
Child (Max 3) R739 --- ---
100% scheme rate in-hospital.
Co-payments for certain procedures: Network specialists paid in full.
Any private hospital can be used.
Oncology: PMB.
27 Chronic benefits: subject to scheme formulary, must use DSP.
MRI/CT scans: Annual limit R15 170 per family:R2660 co-payment per scan except for PMB.
No day to day benefits.
--- --- ---

BonEssential Hospital Plan Application

Should you need assistance applying for the BonEssential Hospital Plan, why not use of our Medical Aid Application Form Help Page, and one of our Bonitas consultants will contact you to explain the BonEssential Options.


Our medical aid consultants at Informed Healthcare Solutions are ready to assist you in getting the best possible benefits to premium value.

In conclusion, we invite you to give us a call on +27 21 712 8866 at any point in your decision-making process for further information about the Bonitas BonEssential plan.

View Benefits On Bonitas Website.

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BonEssential 2024 FAQS

What does Bonitas Essential option cover?

All major medical events that require a BonEssential member to be admitted to hospital are covered. Pre-approved members have access to private hospitals, but a co-payment may be required for some admissions or procedures. There is full cover for 26 chronic conditions, network doctors and specialists. Moreover dependents who are full-time students only pay child rates up to age 24 years old.

What Prescribed Minimum Benefits are covered by BonEssential?

27 Prescribed Minimum Benefits are covered by BonEssential Chronic Illness Cover. To obtain your medication, you must go via Pharmacy Direct, a Designated Service Provider. But if you do not use Pharmacy Direct or take a medication that is not on the formulary, there is a 40% co-payment. View the Chronic Disease List (CDL) here.

Does BonEssential charge per child for hospital cover?

You only pay for a maximum of three children.

What Maternity Benefits does the BonEssential plan offer?

The BonEssential Hospital Plan offers six antenatal appointments with a gynaecologist, GP, or midwife. Two 2D ultrasound scans, one amniocentesis and four postnatal consultations with a midwife. One of these postnatal consultations can be utilized for a lactation specialist.

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