Discovery Health Oncology Programme – May Newsletter

Discovery Health Oncology Programme


Discovery Health Oncology Programme: If you are diagnosed with cancer, you need to register on the Oncology Programme.

You or your treating doctor will send a copy of the lab results confirming the diagnosis, and your cancer specialist sends through your treatment plan for approval before starting treatment. If approved, the treatment will be funded from the Oncology Programme. The appropriate diagnostic and morphology codes need to be on each invoice submitted.

Approval on the Programme covers treatment for a 12-month cycle, up to the Discovery Health Rate (DHR) as follows:

  • On Executive and Comprehensive Plans: Discovery covers the first R400,000 at 100% of DHR.
  • Classic Smart Comprehensive: Discovery covers the first R300,000 at 100% of DHR.
  • Priority, Saver, Smart and Core plans: Discovery covers the first R200,000 at 100% of DHR.

If your treatment costs more than the covered amount, subsequent costs are covered at 80% of DHR except if the treatment falls under Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs). Or the Extended Oncology Benefit offered to Executive and Comprehensive plans (excl Classic Smart Comprehensive), which are covered in full when using designated providers.

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and other healthcare services paid from the Oncology Benefit will be subject to clinical entry criteria.

More information: DHMS Oncology Programme

Maternity Benefits

Maternity and Early Childhood Benefits are available per pregnancy per child up to two years. The benefits are available from the date of activation.

You can activate this benefit:

  • When you create your My Pregnancy or My Baby profile on these programmes on the Discovery website or app,
  • By calling 0860 99 88 77 and following the voice prompts,
  • When you register your baby onto the scheme.

Please note: If your membership is for the father only, and the mother is covered elsewhere, but the baby is to be registered on the father’s medical aid, then the baby still qualifies for the early childhood benefits through this programme.

During your pregnancy, the benefit can cover (depending on your plan):

  • Antenatal consultations,
  • Ultrasound scans and prenatal screening,
  • Blood tests,
  • Antenatal classes with a nurse,
  • Essential registered devices,
  • Point of care devices.

At Birth, the benefit can cover (depending on your plan):

  • Cover for your hospital stay,
  • Private ward cover,
  • Home births,
  • Doulas,
  • Water births.

Up to two years from birth, the benefit can cover (depending on your plan):

  • GP and specialist visits,
  • Follow-up consultations,
  • Breastfeeding consultation,
  • Nutrition consultation,
  • Mental health,
  • Point of care devices.
  • Newborn screening,
  • Medically necessary circumcision.

Stepping up your fitness

You can track steps per day using only your phone, with the Apple Health, Samsung Health or Hauwei Health apps. You can also use a fitness device to track steps.

For members age 18-64, taking 10,000 steps or more per day will give you 100 points per day. There is a monthly limit of 1,200 for the 10,000 steps category, so the maximum points per calendar year for 10,000 steps is 14,400.

For members age 65 and over, taking 7,500 steps or more per day will give you 100 points per day, and there is no monthly limit on points for 7,500 steps.

You can also earn 50 points for taking up to 9,999 steps if age 18-64 and up to 7,499 steps if age 65 or older. There is an annual limit of 1000 points for this step category, regardless of age.

Please note that if you have reached a fitness limit and your points are no longer counting towards your Vitality Status, the points will still count towards your Vitality Active Rewards goals.

Why Active Rewards?

Vitality Active Rewards gives you the opportunity to benefit weekly from your exercise. When you each your goals, you are given a play on the game board. Playing the game board will give you Discovery Miles (at least 150 = R15 a play). If you are a Discovery Bank or Discovery Insure member, you could get additional plays on the game board from Vitality Money or Vitality Drive.

If you are not a Discovery Bank member, then you can use your Discovery Miles to purchase vouchers on the Discovery app, for coffees, groceries, meals, books, etc at the various partners.

Being a Discovery Bank member, you can then purchase vouchers, use your Miles to pay for online or in-store purchases at various partners, or use it to pay your credit card.

Travel Benefit Percentages

As a Vitality member, you receive discounts on flights, accommodation and car hire. Local and regional flight options include British Airways and Kulula, and international options include British Airways and Qantas.

Blue Status Bronze Silver Gold Diamond Flat Rate
Local flights: 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 10% *
International Flights: 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 10% **

* Discounts per status apply for your first 6 one way or first 3 return domestic and regional flights booked during a calendar year, and thereafter the flat rate applies.
** The international flat rate applies to bookings made within 6 weeks of departure date. Two flights per year may be discounted, and the flat rate will also apply to further bookings.

Car hire with Europcar or Tempest Car Hire (through 25% discount (excluding optional extras).
Accommodation Partners (Discovery network): 25%
Holiday Packages (Contiki, Royal Caribbean, World Leisure Holidays, Beachcomber Tours): 15%

Use your Discovery Miles on the 15th

Just a reminder to Vitality Active and Discovery Bank clients… if you use your Miles for vouchers or to pay for online or in-store shopping on the 15th, you double your discount. Your discount is based on your Discovery products and is a permanent discount, but the 15th is the magic day each month to double this.

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Disclaimer: The information and opinions in this document have been recorded and arrived at in good faith and from sources believed to be reliable, but no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made to their accuracy, completeness or correctness. The information is provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as the rendering of advice. Informed Healthcare Solutions accordingly accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of this document or its contents. IHS is a licensed financial service provider: FSP # 12239

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