Discovery Life Disability Cover

Discovery Life Disability Cover 2024

Protect yourself against the cost of becoming disabled with Discovery Life Disability Cover.

Should you have a Discovery Life Insurance Policy, you can add the Capital Disability Benefit to your cover. You will then receive a lump-sum payout if you become disabled. These funds help cover the costs associated with your disability.

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Disability Cover Made Easy:

  • You can choose how long your disability cover lasts (age 65 or 70).
  • During your claim assessment you could still receive payouts from your disability insurance.
  • You will receive your claim payment as soon as your condition meets the qualifying medical criteria.
  • You could still qualify for a payment if you are unable to resume your previous occupation.

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5 Disability Cover Terms Explained:

  1. Permanent disability: You can no longer work and you will never be able to resume work due to an injury or disability.
  2. Temporary disability: The period you are off work after suffering an injury or disability.
  3. Partial disability: An injury or disability that is permanent, but you are still able to work.
  4. Pre-existing: Any condition you received treatment for or that you knew about prior to the effective date of the policy.
  5. Claim rejection: A claim for any pre-existing condition not disclosed will most likely be rejected.

Quick tip: When filling out your application form it is best to explain any and all pre-existing conditions, in particular any medicine you are taking which could later be considered as a ‘red flag’ for a condition. It may still be possible to get a policy in the case of a pre-existing condition, but you could be asked to pay a higher premium. Discovery Life Disability Cover plan.

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