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Bonitas Medical Aid is a well branded medical aid scheme with a current membership of more than 250 000 principal members (more than 600 000 lives). Its diverse product range is good value for money.

The scheme currently has a Global Credit Rating of AA- and a reserve ratio in excess of 40% , which far exceeds the required ratio of 25%.

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Bonitas Medical Aid – Bonsave Option

The option offers unlimited hospitalization cover ( any hospital) at 150% of the Bonitas rate. The option includes a comprehensive maternity benefit (including a private ward benefit)and excellent basic and advanced dental benefits. Savings are allocated for day-to-day benefits and can also be utilised for the co-payments that exist for certain procedures. Specialised radiology is covered , without any co-payments.There is international cover for R5m per journey. Read More…

Bonitas Medical Aid – Standard Option

Unlimited hospitalization (any hospital) at 100% of the Bonitas rate. There is a comprehensive maternity benefit. The overall day-to-day benefits are very generous, including but not limited to radiology, pathology, optometry and dentistry. Specialised radiology is covered too. A R5m per journey international cover benefit is offered. A comprehensive formulary covers the 44 chronic conditions (far more than 26 required by legislation). Read More…

Bonitas Medical Aid – Primary Option

This option has an overall limit of R 600 000 (speak to one of our IHS consultants re Top Up cover). The member has the option of any private hospital in SA. The day-to-day benefits are generous with extra cover for radiology, pathology and optometry and basic dentistry.

This independent cover will pay the additional amount charged by the surgeon and anesthetist above the NHRPL rate up to a maximum of 3 X NHRPL rate. Read More…

Optional Additional Benefits

Top-Up Cover

This is an independent product that can be used to increase your hospital cover limits to R2,000,000.

Gap Cover

This independent cover will pay the additional amount charged by the surgeon and anaesthetist above the NHRPL rate up to a maximum of 3 X NHRPL rate. Learn more about GAP cover.

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