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At Informed Healthcare Solutions (IHS) our goal is to help you reduce your medical and financial risk by ensuring you get the best medical aid benefits at the lowest possible medical aid rates. Above all, our services are totally free.

Our services add no extra cost to the member because it is factored into the premium at a maximum of 3% as legislated by the Council for Medical Schemes.

A medical aid plan that covers what you need, but does not cost you the earth, is just a click away thanks to IHS.


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Medical Aid Made Easy – 2024 Options & Benefits

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Medical Aid Comparisons

Medical Aid Company Comparisons Made Easy!

Click on the logo images, buttons or links below to read more, compare plans or get a quote.

bonitas logo

The Bonitas Medical Aid Fund has been servicing South Africans for nearly 40 years. With 730,000 members and reserves of over R6 billion, Bonitas has you covered with a range of affordable plans.

Compare All Bonitas Plans

View 4 Bonitas Plans

    1. BonEssential
    2. BonStandard
    3. BonSave
    4. BonPrimary

medical aid comparisons discovery health logo

Discovery Health was establish in 1992, and is the largest Medical Aid Scheme in South Africa. With more than 3.3 million members and over R8 billion in reserve, Discovery is an excellent choice.

Compare All Discovery Health Plans

View 11 Discovery Health Plans

fedhealth logo

Fedhealth has been taking care of South Africans healthcare needs since 1936. With over 400,000 beneficiaries and reserves in excess of R2.4 billion, Fedhealth is a reliable scheme.

Compare All Fedhealth Plans

View 5 FedHealth Plans

      1. MyFed
      2. FlexiFed 3 – Grid
      3. Flexifed 3 – Any Hospital
      4. Flexifed 4 – Any Hospital
      5. Flexifed Savvy

medical aid comparisons medihelp logo

Medihelp self-administered medical aid scheme has been looking after it’s members for the past 118 years. With 210,000 members, and reserves in excess of R2.2 billlion, Medihelp offers affordable plans for all South Africans.

Compare All Medihelp Plans

View 4 Medihelp Plans

      1. MedVital
      2. MedAdd
      3. MedPrime
      4. MedSaver

medshield logo

Medshield has been in operation since 1968, and Oxygen merged with the Medshield Scheme in October 2010. Medshield is South Africa’s fourth largest medical aid, with 250,000 members and more than R2.5 billion in reserves.

Compare All Medshield Plans

View 3 Medshield Plans

      1. MediValue Prime
      2. MediPlus Prime
      3. MediSaver

medical aid comparisons momentum logo

Momentum was established in 1966, and is the third largest open medical aid scheme in South Africa. With a member base of more than 335,000 and over R9.2 billion in reserve, Momentum is a sustainable choice.

Compare All Momentum Plans

View 7 Momentum Plans

    1. Custom Option – 2 Plans
    2. Incentive Option – 2 Plans
    3. Extender Option – 2 Plans
    4. Ingwe

Medical Aid Comparisons

Hospital Plan Comparisons Made Easy!

Use the links below to compare each hospital plan category, or get a free quote.

Hospital Plan

A hospital plan typically covers costs associated with hospitalisation, operations, specialist consultations, diagnostic testing, and other essential medical procedures.

View Hospital Plans

Hospital Plan With Savings

A Hospital Plan With Savings combines hospital medical aid and a savings account. The savings part of the plan can be used to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, or deductibles.

View Plans With Savings

Limited Day-to-day Cover

A Hospital Plan With Limited Day-to-day Cover refers to a specific type of medical aid. The plan is designed to offer full hospitalisation cover, while offering limited cover for consultations, medication, and other day-to-day medical expenses.

View Day-to-day Plans

GP Network Plan

A GP Network Plan provides medical aid cover for an approved network of GP’s, specialists, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. The plan is suitable for young growing families, or entry-level clients who have a limited budget.

View GP Network Plans

Comprehensive Plans

Comprehensive medical aid plans include extensive cover for a wide range of healthcare services. These plans offer benefits such as unlimited private hospitalization, outpatient care and prescription medication.

View Comprehensive Plans

Gap Cover

Medical aid gap cover is a type of short-term insurance that helps cover the difference between what your medical aid pays for and the rates charged by healthcare providers. Gap cover can bring financial relief and peace of mind by paying out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatments.

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Medical Aid Comparisons
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Medical Aid Quotes – How To?

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Medical Aid Comparisons – Medical Aid Cover?

What does medical aid cover?

Medical aid cover varies by plan and provider. However, medical aid plans often cover the following areas: Hospitalization and inpatient care, chronic medication. Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) and day-to-day medical expenses. As well as, emergency medical services, maternity and pregnancy, dental or optical care, GP visits, specialist consultations, preventive care and screenings.

Some medical aid plans offer limited cover for alternative therapies such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, and physiotherapy. Please remember that cover varies greatly depending on the specific medical aid plan. It’s critical to study your policy documentation and understand what’s included and excluded.

To make life easy we supply convenient medical aid comparisons, tables and plan pages. Kindly use our comparisons section on this page, or contact us if you have any questions.

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