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myFED 2024 Options & Benefits

myFED Options & Benefits: The myFed Network Plan is a reasonably priced, entry-level network medical aid plan that serves lower-income, previously uninsured employees healthcare needs.

A free annual flu shot, unlimited visits to a contracted designated general practitioner, and the complimentary Fedhealth myFED Baby Program are just a few of the countless benefits.

myFED In-hospital Cover

Members can rest easy knowing they are covered for the following hospital procedures and treatments under this reasonably priced medical aid option:

  • No annual cap on network hospitalization, meaning you are protected for any type of network hospital stay,
  • At PMB level of care, you will receive unlimited maternity coverage; elective C-sections will need a co-payment,
  • Network Specialists and GPs are covered at no cost,
  • Up to 100% of the Fedhealth Rate (limited to R2,500 per beneficiary annually) is covered for non-network general practitioners, specialists, and other medical professionals,
  • Cancer care at a Preferred Provider is covered up to the PMB level,
  • T&C’s apply.

myFED Screening Benefit

Our screening benefit includes the tests and healthcare assessments to make sure your and your family’s health stays on the right track:

  • Your whole family enjoys a free flu vaccination per beneficiary every year,
  • All members can undergo one HIV finger prick test per year.
  • We cover one Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) per year for men aged 45 to 69.

All members also receive an annual wellness and preventative screening by a contracted network provider.

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Compare the latest 2024 plan updates in the table below.

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Fedhealth Medical Scheme

The Fedhealth Medical Scheme has had a Global Credit Rating of AA- for 14 years in a row.  The scheme’s reserves are well above the statutory 25%, this strong financial position means Fedhealth is a reliable medical aid with over 60 000 members.

Fedhealth is also noted for its one-of-a-kind benefits paid from Risk to assist members stretch their day-to-day cover even further

Why Choose the Fedhealth Medical Scheme?

Operated as a member-run organization, Fedhealth is always coming up with new innovative ideas, such as:

  • 24/7 Nurse Line,
  • Free access to Emergency Medical Services,
  • Mental health support through the Panda app,
  • Pediatric inquiries through the Paed-IQ assistance line.

Fedhealth History

Since 1936, Fedhealth has been looking after South Africans’ healthcare needs. While a lot has changed over the years, Fedhealth has remained committed to offering high-quality, reasonably priced medical aid.

Fedhealth myFED

Benefits & Options – 2024 Updates

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column 7


Monthly Contributions
Income p/m R0 - R6251
R6252 - R8550
R8551 - R10219
R10220 - R12622
R12623 - R14226
Main Member R1 590
R1 622
R1 936
R2 713
R3 448
R4 676
R1 590
R1 622
R1 681
R2 368
R2 842
R4 260
Child (Max 3) R677
R1 041
R1 347
R1 782
100% scheme rate in-hospital: Network hospitals to be used.
R14 700 co-payment on voluntary non-network admissions.
7 days take home medicine.
Oncology: PMB: Only at DSP.
27 Chronic benefits: subject to scheme formulary must use DSP.
MRI/CT scans: As part of hospital procedure: needs authorisation.
GP visits unlimited if at network provider.

myFED Network Plan Application

Should you need help applying for the myFED Network Plan, please make use of our Medical Aid Application Form Help Page, and one of our Fedhealth consultants will contact you about the myFED Options.


Our medical aid consultants at Informed Healthcare Solutions are ready to assist you in getting the best possible benefits to premium value.

In conclusion, we invite you to give us a call on +27 21 712 8866 at any point in your decision-making process for further information about the myFED Network Plan.

View Benefits On Fedhealth Website.

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myFED 2024 FAQS

What is myFED by Fedhealth Medical Aid?

The Fedhealth myFED Network Plan is an is an budget friendly medical aid option offering incredible benefits. Members can upgrade within 30 days after a life-changing event, such as pregnancy or a dread disease diagnosis. New parents have free access to the Fedhealth Baby program that provides assistance and valuable information. Accident and emergency care at any network hospital is unlimited. Private hospital coverage is unlimited for planned treatments at network hospitals, and
during hospitalization, specialized radiology is covered.

Does myFED cover visits to the GP?

myFED covers unlimited consultations with Contracted GPs, and 2 consults per person with a non-contracted GP. Treatment required for PMB conditions is always paid by scheme, with no co-payment, if you follow the protocols.

What are the myFED prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs)?

Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) are a set of predetermined conditions that are part of the Medical Schemes Act in South Africa. With PMBs, members of myFED, can obtain treatment for 270 hospital-based and 25 chronic conditions, and the cost of these will be fully reimbursed by Fedhealth.

How to nominate your myFED Network GP?

You can check availability, and nominate your Network GP in four ways:

1.) Use the Fedhealth Family Room: Login to the Fedhealth Family Room, go to the option ‘Manage my membership’, select ‘Network Provider’ and the follow the prompts as provided on the screen.
2.) Use WhatsApp Chat, Fedhealth Member App Chat or LiveChat: You can start a conversation with one of our service agents via WhatsApp Chat, the Fedhealth Member App or use the LiveChat on the Fedhealth website.
3.) Phone Fedhealth Customer Care: Contact Fedhealth on 0860 002 153 with your GP’s name, and practice number The agent will check if your doctor is on the myFED network.
4.) Via Email: Send an email to member@fedhealth.co.za with your GP’s name, and practice number if available, requesting confirmation if your doctor is on the myFED network.

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