Discovery Covid-19 Vaccination – August Newsletter

Discovery Covid-19 Vaccination

Discovery has a number of mass vaccination sites running.

Discovery Covid-19 vaccination sites will accept walk-ins age 18+ but priority is giving to age 55+ and those who have booked, in the queue.

You can book for your vaccination (1st or 2nd) online on the Discovery
Vaccination portal:
Login Here
Log in with your usual Discovery user name and password.

To use the Discovery vaccination sites, with a booking or walk-in, you must have registered on the government site first. Site detail at:
More details

Get your digital vaccination card through the Connected Care website:
Login here

Prepaid Health

Open Access

PrePaid Health is available to anyone living in South Africa. It gives you access to a broad network of private healthcare funders. You can use it together with your Discovery membership to top up your cover, or you can share it with non-members who don’t have medical aid.

Manage Funds

There is no limit to the amount of vouchers you can buy, and you can predict the cost of the GP and medicine when using the vouchers within the network. You can reserve funds for your own future use, or share with friends or family.

Simple Purchase Methods

Buy Blu or 1forYou vouchers at over 350 000 retailers nationwide, or purchase on the Discovery Health pre-paid web app with your debit or credit card. Load the vouchers via WhatsApp (send “Hi” to 080 0337 846) or load through the app. Find a GP on the network list, and redeem your voucher at the GP on the day of your visit.
Visit PrePaid Health.

No Savings?

Have you run out of Savings? Keep claiming.

Here’s why:

Whether you have the Above Threshold Benefit or not, when you run out of Savings you will have some benefits under the Day-to-Day Extender Benefit. Depending on your service provider and plan, as well as Chronic Benefits you can still claim if you are registered and approved for a Chronic condition.

If you are on a plan with an Above Threshold Benefit, every claim you submit adds up to an annual Threshold amount. This amount differs per plan and family size. You will most probably run out of Savings before you reach your Threshold amount. You will therefore need to pay for your claims for a while, unless covered by the Extender or Chronic benefits. BUT Discovery is still adding up your claims, so don’t stop submitting them. When your claims total reaches the Threshold amount, your Above Threshold Benefit will start paying claims.

If you are on a plan with Savings only (no Above Threshold Benefit), claims not covered by the Extender or Chronic benefits are not paid once your Savings has run out. But keep claiming, because any claims not paid due to your having no Savings will be added to your tax certificate at the end of the year, and may result in your getting a larger tax refund than you expect.

Vitality: Devices and App

You can link multiple devices to your Vitality profile, while remembering that you will receive the points for the activity that gave you the highest points for the day, not for multiple activities.

The following device brands will earn you different types of points. Please remember when choosing your device that you also need to check the device model with Vitality, as different models record different information. Discovery collects the following information from your devices:

  • Apple Watch: steps, heart rate, speed, sleep,
  • Huawei: steps, heart rate, speed,
  • Samsung Health: steps, heart rate, speed, sleep,
  • Technogym: speed,
  • Fitbit: steps, heart rate, speed,
  • Polar: steps, heart rate, speed,
  • Suunto: steps, heart rate, speed,
  • Withings (part of Nokia): steps.

A list of apps you can install is below. Some can only be linked via the Discovery App, so please ensure you also have the latest Discovery App on your phone.

  • iHealth (Apple Health): steps, speed,
  • Calm: mindfulness,
  • Headspace: mindfulness,
  • The Mindfulness App: mindfulness,
  • BUDDHiFy: mindfulness,
  • Google Fit: steps, speed,
  • Strava: speed,
  • Zwift: heart rate, speed.

Mindfulness and Sleep will earn you Discovery Miles, not points towards your Vitality Status or Active Rewards goal. You can also earn Discovery Miles for managing your registered Chronic condition.

Fitness Points: Active Rewards vs Status

Some fitness points have a monthly or annual limit for your overall status-related Vitality Points. While they will not give you points for your status level when you have reached the limit, they will still give you Active Rewards points for your weekly Active Rewards goal. These limits include:

    1. Max 1000 points for 5000-999 steps, or a workout at 60% of heart rate
    2. Max 1200 points per month for 10,000 steps.

Don’t give up if you have reached these limits, as these points will still count for your weekly Active Rewards goal.

Vitality and Bounti

Do you have a mini trampoline? We mentioned Bounti as a Vitality partner in the last issue, with all online classes for free until the end of August. This free class offer has been extended till the end of the year.

You can check out the class schedule here:
Free Classes


Feeling out of your depth with Vitality? There are a number of recorded webinars that can enlighten you on certain aspects of Vitality.
Vitality Home Series

They include the following topics:

  • Discovery Miles: How to get the most out of your Discovery Miles,
  • Vitality Masterclass: The ultimate guide on getting started with Vitality,
  • Vitality 65+: Getting the most out of your membership,
  • Mental Wellbeing: building mental resilience.

There are other, more specific topics that you might be interested in. Take a look and watch when you need to.

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Disclaimer: The information and opinions in this document have been recorded and arrived at in good faith and from sources believed to be reliable, but no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made to their accuracy, completeness or correctness. The information is provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as the rendering of advice. Informed Healthcare Solutions accordingly accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of this document or its contents. IHS is a licensed financial service provider: FSP # 12239

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