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Essential Core 2024 Options & Benefits

Essential Core Options And Benefits: The Essential Core Hospital Plan Only is a cost-effective entry level hospital plan that also includes cover for chronic medication. The Essential Core plan by Discovery offers members  complete cover for approved chronic medications when the member uses a MedXpress pharmacy. The plan does not provide day-to-day benefits.

Besides chronic medication, the Essential Core Benefits include unlimited cover for hospital admissions, and in-hospital approved specialists and other healthcare providers.

Discovery Care Programmes

The Essential Core Hospital Plan includes specialized Care Programs for diabetes, mental health, HIV, and cardiac diseases.

  • Disease Prevention Programme,
  • Diabetes Care Programme,
  • Cardio Care Programme,
  • Mental Health Care Programme,
  • HIV Care Programme,
  • T&C’s apply.

Enrolling in condition-specific care programs unlocks additional benefits and services.

Oncology Innovation Benefit

The Oncology Innovation Benefit covers Essential Core members for a designated list of novel cancer medicines, subject to the Scheme’s clinical entry criteria. You will be required to pay 50% of the cost of these procedures.

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Compare the latest 2024 Essential Core plan updates in the table below.

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Discovery Health Medical Scheme

Discovery Health Medical Scheme (DHMS) is South Africa’s largest medical aid scheme, with over 57% open market share, and close to 3 million beneficiaries as of the end of December 2022.

When compared to competitors, Discovery’s shared-value model offers a value-based healthcare system that lowers healthcare expenses and results in lower contributions.

Why Choose Discovery Health Medical Scheme?

The Discovery Health Medical Scheme is the most popular medical aid in South Africa. Discovery Health ensures that your healthcare is in good hands, choose from 25 health plan options tailored to your specific health and budgetary requirements.

Discovery Health History

With the assistance of Rand Merchant Bank, Discovery Limited is created in 1992 as a small specialist risk insurance company. Discovery Health Medical Scheme (DHMS or the Scheme) is a non-profit medical scheme that runs on social solidarity principles, pooling member payments and managing them to support member healthcare fairly.

Discovery Essential Core

Benefits & Options – 2024 Updates

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4


Monthly Contributions
Main Member R2 855 --- ---
Spouse/Adult dependent R2 141 --- ---
Child (Max 3) R1 146 --- ---
100% scheme rate in-hospital.
Specialists who have an arrangement with Discovery covered in full.
Oncology: R250 00 per member, therafter 20% co-payment.
Cover for 27 chronic diseases: medication from DSP.
MRI/CT scans: Unlimited if part of hospital procedure.
No day to day benefit.
--- --- --- ---

Essential Core Hospital Plan Only Application

Should you need help applying for the Essential Core Hospital Plan, please make use of our Medical Aid Application Form Help Page, and one of our Discovery consultants will contact you about the Essential Core Options.


Our medical aid consultants at Informed Healthcare Solutions are ready to assist you in getting the best possible benefits to premium value.

In conclusion, we invite you to give us a call on +27 21 712 8866 at any point in your decision-making process for further information about the Essential Core Hospital Plan.

View Benefits On Discovery Website.

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Essential Core 2024 FAQS

What is the Essential Core plan by Discovery Health?

The Essential Core Hospital Plan Only offers cost-effective medical aid that includes vital chronic medication and unlimited private hospital admissions. Members are guaranteed full hospital cover for specialists with whom Discovery has a payment agreement, and up to 100% of the DHR on for other healthcare professionals. Essential Core’s formulary provides full cover for chronic medication at a network pharmacy. The plan also includes prenatal and postnatal care for the mother and baby.

Does Discovery Essential Core plan cover private hospital admission?

Discovery Essential Core plan offers unlimited admission to scheme-approved private hospitals and private day surgery facilities in the Day Surgery Network.

What are the Essential Core plan maternity benefits?

Healthcare services are covered during pregnancy and for the first two years of your baby’s life. This applies to each pregnancy and child up two years old. To activate the Maternity Benefit, create your pregnancy or baby profile on the Essential Core Health app or by using Discovery’s website.

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