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Discovery Health Diabetes Care

Diabetic Care

Discovery Health Diabetes Care: Discovery has put together a document listing questions that Diabetic members should ask their care team. But what is the care team? When you have Diabetes, you should have regular consultations with:

  • Your primary care doctor,
  • Diabetes educator (this may be your doctor or someone in your doctor’s office or in a separate consulting practice),
  • Optometrist or ophthalmologist,
  • Podiatrist,
  • Podiatrist.

If your Diabetes is managed, you might not see all of these practitioners every year, but you should see them all at least once when you are diagnosed.

You can access the list at the link below, or request it from your broker.

Discovery Health Diabetes Care – Type 1

Discovery members registered for Type 1 Diabetes on Discovery’s Chronic Benefits, have access to continuous glucose monitoring technology. Depending on your plan, the sensor is fully or partially covered by Chronic Benefits.

You wear the Discovery Health diabetes care tech (a sensor patch), and can access your glucose levels from your smart phone, with no finger prick testing required. The data is shared with your primary care doctor as well as yourself.

More info.: Discovery Health Diabetes Care Programme

The Gap

If you have a plan with a Savings Benefit, with or without the Above Threshold Benefit, and you have run out of Savings, keep submitting your claims.

If you do not have the Above Threshold Benefit: any claims you submit that are not paid as you have run out of Savings, will be added to your tax certificate at the end of February for submission with your tax return.

If you do have the Above Threshold Benefit: the same comment about your tax certificate applies, and your claims will be accumulated to your Threshold and once that is reached, Discovery will start paying your claims.


Discovery has launched the Health and Lifestyle Coaching programme at no cost to at risk members.

Discovery has selected certain at risk members for this coaching programme, to assist them to optimise their health. These members are likely to have certain chronic conditions, that often lead to other conditions if their health is not optimised.

The programme includes 6 interactions over a 7 month period to encourage members to change their habits and create positive changes in their lifestyle. This is done through telephone or virtual interactions, email or SMS reminders, and sharing specific benefit details that they could use to make changes.

The first session will include a current health assessment, on which personalised health goals will be based.

Vitality Active Rewards

Have you activated Active Rewards on the Discovery app? Are you getting your exercise goals each week? If so, please remember to play the game board every Wednesday, so that you don’t lose your plays (they expire the following Wednesday). Also, check the rewards as they change every now and then. There are limited rewards only available for a couple of weeks, and there are also new rewards popping up, like Waltons! Always check to see what you can spend your Discovery Miles on.

Vitality Fitness Benefits

To gym or not to gym… to gym at home or at gym…. Here is a list of Vitality fitness partners:

Vitality Home Workout Channel

Log into and earn 50 points when you stream a 30+ minute exercise session (or more if wearing a fitness device).

Virgin Active and Planet Fitness

Earn 100 points per workout per day at these gyms (or more if wearing a fitness device), or earn 50 points for streaming their 30+ minute online classes. Your existing membership can be linked to Vitality, or purchase a new membership through Vitality.

Moove Motion Fitness Club

Join through Vitality before 31 December with no activation fee. Earn 100 points per workout (or more if wearing a fitness device), and get up to 50% off membership fees, and 25% off fitpasses.


Join JEFF Life for R150 instead of R200 per month. No discount on JEFF Club or JEFF 1-on-1. Earn 50 points per day for streaming workouts via the JEFF app (or more if wearing a fitness device).


Earn 50 points for online workouts or 100 points for in person workouts per day through octiv. Find your gym on octiv, book your visit, and check in on the app to earn your points. Octiv includes gyms such as Bounti trampoline classes, yoga, CrossFit, functional training and more.

Parkrun and myrun

Earn 300 points for completing a 5km parkrun on Saturdays, or a 2.5km / 5km myrun on Sundays. Parkrun and myrun are free to join but there may be a cost for the timing band required to log your event participation.


Earn 100 points per session per day. No registration fee if joining without Curvesmart through Vitality.

Handicaps Network Africa

Link your profile to Vitality and earn up to 100 points per day for a round of golf.

Please note that not all branches of the above facilities might be open due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please check with the facility before arrival.

To earn your points for the streamed workouts, you need to be streaming for at least 30 minutes through the provider website (not YouTube or Facebook if those options are given).

If you have a fitness device that is linked to Vitality, Vitality will record the highest points available per day for you. For example, if you earn 100 points for gym visits, and your device records a session that earns 200 points due to heart rate, then you will earn 200 points for the day in total (not 200 + 100).

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