Flu Vaccine 2024 South Africa – April Newsletter

Flu Vaccine 2024 South Africa – Get Your April Flu Shot

Flu Vaccine 2024 South Africa – The Flu Shot is the most effective way of fighting flu.

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5 Reasons To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones From Flu

    1. The flu can cause serious complications, such as ear infections, sinus infections, dehydration, worsening of chronic conditions, and bacterial pneumonia which may necessitate hospitalization.
    2. Adults with chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes are more likely to suffer from significant sickness and complications from the flu. Other groups of adults with a higher risk for serious illness include people who have heart disease or have suffered a stroke, adults aged 65 and over and expectant mothers as well as immunocompromised individuals. People with cancer are also at risk.
    3. To maintain protection, you need to get vaccinated annually because your body’s immune response to the vaccination gradually declines. Also, influenza viruses are constantly evolving and changing.
    4. Some people believe that you can catch the flu by getting a flu vaccine. This is one of the most common myths about flu shots. Getting a flu shot does not cause you to develop the flu because the vaccine uses an inactive form of the virus. The vaccine can cause some side effects like headaches, stuffy noses, or sore throats.
    5. The sooner you get a flu shot the better. Ideally the flu shot should work right away, but antibodies can take time to develop.

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Does My Medical Aid Cover The Flu Vaccine?

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Discovery Health

  • If you are over the age of 64, the flu vaccine is free.
  • If you are having the flu vaccine due to a registered chronic condition, your flu shot it is covered by a portion of your medical aid called Risk.
  • If your Discovery plan has a savings account the cost will come from your savings.
  • If you are under 65 and have no chronic conditions, your plan does not have savings, you are under 65 and have no chronic conditions, then you will have to cover the flu vaccine cost yourself.

Where can I get vaccinated?

Clicks, Dischem or GP.

What is the cost?

  • Clicks: R125.
  • Dischem: R120.

More information on Discovery Health – Get your flu vaccination. Stay Healthy!


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Unity Health

Members are covered for 1 flu vaccine per annum which must be administered by 31st May 2024 at any Unity Health network pharmacy. The network pharmacies are Alpha Pharm, Clicks, Dischem, Local Choice or Medicare.


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