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Stratum Gap Cover 2022

Stratum Gap Cover provides an extensive range of Gap Cover products tailored for individuals, families and businesses.

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Stratum Gap Cover is one of the leading health insurance product providers in South Africa:
  • Stratum Gap Cover products are designed to cover medical aid shortfalls not covered by your medical scheme.
  • Provides cover to individuals, families and corporate employer groups.
  • Premium Gap Cover up to 500% above Medical Aid Rates.
  • Added benefits such as Fuel Rewards when filling up at Shell.

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Some more benefits (policy dependent):

  • Co-payment Benefit – , when you are required to pay upfront costs before a medically necessary procedure can be performed.
  • Casualty Benefit – not having to worry about an unforeseen out of pocket expense for a casualty event.
  • Trauma Counseling Benefit – receive the support you deserve, when circumstances outside of your control affect your day to day life.
  • Cancer Diagnosis Benefit – a once-off payment should you be diagnosed with cancer.

Please note: Terms & conditions apply to all benefits.

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