National Health Medical Scheme 2003

Here is an article from one of our earlier ‘HEALTHCARE JOURNALS’ dated November 2003. It is an interesting preview, and we are well entitled to ask nearly a decade later, what ground has been covered by Government in the interim.

Keep Abreast of Legislation


The Council for Medical Schemes continues to explore the road ahead in order to bring healthcare cover to the masses of South Africans who currently are not members of any Medical Scheme.

Affordability is the keyword. How will the regulations unfold? The intention of the Government under Health Minister Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang is clear. Make healthcare cover compulsory for all South African workers, employees, directors etc. employed in the formal sector, with the formation of a state medical scheme or schemes to which everyone must subscribe unless they are covered elsewhere under some other registered medical scheme.

Already hospital and service provider networks are being put in place, improved upon, replaced etc, and these will ultimately be used for state schemes to whom they will sell their services, or a selection of their services on a per capita basis. This may roll out together with or in competition with general state facilities.

Discovery Health and Momentum Health are two vibrant examples of schemes which have tried through their own networks, to give members reasonably cost effective benefit and funding structures over the past number of years since the above article was written.
(edited June 2012)

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