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Resolution Medical Aid Comparisons – 2022 Plans

Resolution Medical Aid Comparisons: Resolution Health has merged with Spectramed to form Health Squared. Please view the Health Squared Medical Aid Plans for more details.

The Resolution Health and Spectramed merger will represent added value for all members of both medical schemes in the form of greater efficiencies and economies of scale.

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Resolution Health

Resolution Health Medical Scheme (Resolution Health) and Spectramed Medical Scheme (Spectramed) merged in January 2019 to form Health Squared Medical Scheme. Health Squared offers the industry’s most potent affordability and value proposition, which seamlessly integrates with the Agility Rewards employee well being and financial services products. Health Squared is addressing these market-driven needs through providing the ideal mix of traditional, new generation and hybrid model benefit options.

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Finally, we invite you to contact us on +27 21 712 8866 at any point in your decision making process for further information on the Health Squared Medical Aid.

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