7 Sun Safety Tips For The South African Summer – Wellness Newsletter

Sun Safety Tips For The South African Summer – Wellness Newsletter

Sun Safety Tips: Summertime is when all South Africans take advantage of our climate, visiting beaches, attending outdoor events, swimming, fishing and having fun with family and friends outdoors.

South Africa has very high UV levels in Summer. Constant exposure to the damaging effects of high UV levels can result in:

    1. Sunburn,
    2. Skin damage,
    3. And skin cancer.

All South Africans who spend time in the sun without proper protection can get skin cancer.

7 Sun Safety Tips For The South African Summer

1.) Understand how the sun protection factor (SPF) works in your sunscreen.

A higher SPF does not necessarily relate to better sun protection. After a factor of 30, the sun protection does not get better, it just allows you more time in the sun. So how do you know how much time you can spend in the sun based on the SPF in your sunscreen?

Divide the SPF by 15 and that will give you a rough estimate of how many hours you have before you need to re-apply your sunscreen. Do not forget that swimming and toweling down after a swim can remove your sunscreen.

safety tips for the south african summer high sff sunscreen

2.) Know your Risk.

You are at higher risk of skin cancer if the following applies:

  • You have a family history of melanoma?
  • Have more than 50 moles on your skin?
  • Moles that are irregularly shaped?
  • Very fair complexion with blonde or red hair?
  • Are you on immune suppressant medication?

If you feel that you are at risk, see a GP or a dermatologist.

CANSA Article: Be SunSmart Everywhere

7 sun safety tips for the south african summer skin cancer

3.) Do not stress about your Vitamin D production.

You do not need to expose your skin to the sun to get the benefits of Vitamin D. Five to 15 minutes of direct exposure on our hands, arms and face 2-3 times a week is all you need.

south african summer protective gear

4.) Time your time in the sun.

Try to stay out of the sun between 10am and 3.00pm.

7 sun safety tips for the south african summer sun burn

5.) Make Sunglasses your favorite accessory.

The sun can have a very damaging effect on our eyes, particularly after prolonged or direct exposure. Makes sure that your sunglasses fit properly and try to buy sunglasses that offer some form of UV protection. Ensure that you always wear them outdoors and remember that sunglasses are to eyes what sunscreen is to the skin.

Oculux Eyeware: Polarized Sunglasses South Africa – Best Sellers

sun safety tips for the south african summer sun glasses

6.) Protect your children from the damaging rays of the sun.

Try to keep them out of the sun from 10am to 3.00pm. Ensure that they are wearing protective sunsuits, or a simple T-shirt in a darker color. They must wear a hat when in the sun. Keep on applying their sunscreen when they are in the sun. They can burn on cloudy days, and this is often when the most skin damage occurs. Babies should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

south african summer protect your children

7.) Keep hydrated.

Drink water throughout the day if you are planning to be outdoors all day. It is easy to become dehydrated with symptoms such as dizziness, weaknesses, fainting and confusion.

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