World Cancer Day 2022 – Wellness Newsletter

World Cancer Day 2022 – February 4TH

World Cancer Day 2022: Cancer protection, prevention and reducing your risk.

Know Your Body

Be aware of changes and do regular self -examinations ( skin, breast or testicular). Get to know cancer signs and symptoms and encourage your loved ones to do the same.

Get Vaccinated

Vaccinate against HPV which is an infection that causes warts in various parts of the body, depending upon the strain. The vaccine is recommended for boys and girls. Get vaccinated for Hepatitis B. People infected with Hepatitis B have a 25-40% chance of developing liver cancer.

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Have Regular Cancer Screenings

  • Ensure that you have a regular Mammogram,
  • Have your PAP smear, which tests for cervical cancer,
  • Men should have a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen test) to check for prostate abnormalities,
  • Get your skin checked for moles and marks that change colour.

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World Cancer Day 2022 – Keep Healthy Habits

  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables,
  • Avoid processed food,
  • Limit alcohol and avoid tobacco.

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5 Ways To Be Sun Smart

    1. Avoid being in the sun in the middle of the day,
    2. Use sun protection like sunscreen and sunglasses,
    3. Put on a hat,
    4. Keep babies out of the sun, slip a t-shirt on your children,
    5. Check your skin regularly for any new spots or changes in existing spots.

World Cancer Day 2022 – Support A Cancer Patient

Ask permission before visiting, giving advice, or asking questions. Make plans and be flexible with those plans. Offer to help with meals, walking the dog or picking up children from school, treat them the same.

  • Share emotions,
  • Check in and make time for that phone call,
  • Talk about topics other than cancer,
  • Form a support team,
  • Keep the friendship going.

Helpful article: CANSA’s Care & Support

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