Discovery Contribution Increase 1 July – June Newsletter

Discovery Contribution Increase 1 July 2021

Check your contributions in July and August

Check your contributions in July and August. Remember that there is a mid-year Discovery Contribution Increase 1 July. View 2021 Discovery Contributions PDF here.

If paying in advance, your 1 July debit order will be affected. If paying in arrears, your 1 August debit order will be affected. If paying by salary deduction through your employer, your July salary deduction will show the new amount. Check and make sure the deduction is what you expected it should be.


Members are encouraged to have their eyes checked at least every two years, so if you skipped 2020, now is the time to get checked! Below is a comparison of benefits per plan.


R9010 limit per person for the calendar year (adjusted if joining after January), for lenses, frames, contact lenses, surgery or any services to correct refractive errors of the eye. The cost of eye tests is not included in the limit. Claims are paid from Savings and Above Threshold benefits, and optometrists are paid at 100% of medical aid rate.

Comprehensive excluding Classic Smart Comprehensive

R6180 per person per year limit, paid and used in the same way as for the Executive plan.

Classic Smart Comprehensive

One eye test per member per year within the Smart network for R55 co-payment. The limit of R6180 is applicable when the annual threshold is reached.

Priority plans

R5610 per person per year limit, paid and used in the same way as for the Executive plan.

Saver plans

All costs paid from Savings while you have a Savings balance.

Classic Smart

One eye test per member per year within the Smart network for R55 co-payment. The member needs to pay for frames and lenses as there is no cover for these items.

Essential Smart

One eye test per member per year within the Smart network for R110 co -payment. The member needs to pay for frames and lenses as there is no cover for these items.

Core plans

No cover as the plan does not have day-to-day benefits.

KeyCare Plus and Start

Members are covered for one eye test per person, and either one pair of clear single vision, bifocal or multifocal lenses, or a set of basic contact lenses (wth no added colour, tints or designs). This benefit is only available once every 24 months, and a network optometrist must be used.

KeyCare Core

No cover as the plan does not have day-to-day benefits.

Vitality during Lockdown Level 4

The following updates or reminders have been published with lockdown level 4:

  • From the week starting Saturday 3rd July, Vitality Active Rewards goal capped at 300 points, for the duration of the lockdown.
  • 50 points can be earned when streaming online workouts from the Vitality Home Workout Channel, the JEFF App or from the Virgin Active or Planet Fitness portals. Tips regarding these points: You must stream continuously for at least 30 minutes to earn your points, and casting to your TV sometimes interrupts the stream seen by Vitality so you might not earn your points if casting. With JEFF, you must stream on the web app, not on Facebook or YouTube.
  • Gym visits: Gym visits are being topped up for regular gym users who now cannot access the gyms during lockdown, so that you don’t lose the discount related to your number of visits.
  • Points earning via your Fitness Device or Steps on your Phone still count as usual towards your goal. If you want ideas on Stepping in your lounge, there are many, many step workouts to follow on YouTube.
  • Up to 25% back on healthier meals with HealthyDining is still active, when ordering Vitality approved meals via Uber Eats or other Vitality partners for delivery.
  • Travel: Please contact the specific airline, hotel or car rental partner to discuss your bookings.
  • Ster Kinekor: Please check any bookings you have with Ster Kinekor.

Vitality and Octiv

Octiv is an online fitness studio management platform that gives members access to boutique fitness facilities across South Africa, ranging from CrossFit to yoga and cardio boxing. Any fitness studio can apply to join Octiv as a partner.

Members would then book their sessions via the Octiv app, check-in and check-out, and earn 100 Vitality points for a physical in-person session and 50 points for an online session. Members should check with their fitness studios, to see if they are Octiv members.

Read more about Vitality Octiv here.

Discovery Contribution Increase 1 July – Vitality Active Rewards:

Rewards and Specials

Check the app for limited reward offers each week. Earlier this year there was an Exclusive Books offer for 150 Discovery Miles (R15) for a R250 voucher. Currently you can choose a R250 NetFlorist voucher for 150 Discovery Miles, and there is an ongoing Vida e offer for a smoothie for 150 Discovery Miles.

Remember also that depending on your products – Vitality Health, Vitality Money, Discovery Bank Suite, Vitality Drive – you can get up to 20% discount on all Vitality Active reward vouchers. If you’re over 65, you can increase your discount by having a Vitality Health Check.


Discovery MoveToGive donates different things at different times, so check out the current charity to see if you want to give some of your Discovery Miles to a good cause. Currently, MoveToGive has two options:

  • Donating sanitary pads to girls in need, through the Dis-Chem foundation and Million Comforts.
  • Supporting families through the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Each1Feed1.

More information about Vitality MoveToGive here.

Prepaid Healthcare

You can also use your Discovery Miles for healthcare. 3000 Discovery Miles (or less if you are getting a discount) will give you a R300 GP+Meds voucher to top up your Prepaid Health balance and access practitioners in the Prepaid Health network. The voucher is valid for a face-to-face consultation, and medication dispensed by the doctor. The Prepaid Health system allows you to give your balance to someone else, so you don’t need to use it yourself.

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