Discovery Newsletter May 2019

Discovery Newsletter May 2019

Discovery News for Discovery Health members

The International Travel Benefit is available on all plans except the KeyCare plans. The benefit covers costs associated with relevant health services obtained outside of South Africa for accidents and emergencies. You have cover for 90 days from the date you leave South Africa. You are not covered if you are in a 3 month waiting period, or for any condition-specific exclusions that may be in place.
Accident and emergency cover should not require any payment from you, as ER24 should pay the provider directly. Non-emergency cover (such as visiting a GP or dentist) would need to be paid by you, and you would submit a claim on your return to South Africa and would be paid from day-to-day benefits in accordance with South African payment limits.

Executive plan members are covered for $1 million.
Members on other plans (excl KeyCare) are covered for R5 million.

Cover is defined as:
The usual, reasonable and medically necessary medical, surgical, relevant dental and/or other treatment as may be provided in-hospital as authorised by a medical professional as a result of an accident or any emergency.

Emergency transport and transport to South Africa may be included if deemed necessary, and travel costs for family members may be included (each case assessed individually).

Severe Dental and Oral Surgery Benefit:

This benefit includes the following, depending on your plan, and is subject to pre-authorisation.

  • Internal temporomandibular joint (TMJ) surgery.
  • Cleft lip and palate repairs.
  • Surgery for severe life-threatening infections.
  • Cancer-related surgery.

All other dental treatment in-hospital:

No pre-authorisation is required and a deductible is payable upfront, depending on where your procedure is taking place and the age of the member being treated.

Day Clinic
Member younger than 13 years
R2 400
R1 100
Member 13 years or older
R6 200
R4 000


The balance of the hospital account and related accounts are paid from the hospital benefit.

For members age 13 or older, routine dental treatment such as preventative treatment, fillings, and root canal is paid from day-to-day benefits whether performed in-hospital or in consultation rooms.
Dental appliances and orthodontic treatment is covered from day-to-day benefits regardless of where treatment occurs.

In-hospital dental treatment is not covered on Essential Smart or KeyCare plans.

Earning Vitality Points:Where to Start

Step 1:
Look at what you can earn with no additional costs Vitality Age Questionnaire (online): 2 500 points.
Vitality Health Check (paid for by Screening Benefit): 2 500 to 22 500 points HIV test (paid for by Screening Benefit): 5 000 points.
Mammograms for women 40yrs+: 2 500 points (paid by screening every 2 years) Pap Smear for women 16yrs to 65yrs: 2 500 points (paid by screening every 3 years).
HealthyFood: 20 points for each healthy item in your basket, 20 points deducted for each unhealthy item.

Step 2:
Screening / tests / consultations that you pay for (or paid for from day-to-day benefits on medical aid) Dental check up: 1 000 points.
Colon Cancer Screening for age 50+ : 2 500 points.
Bone mass density for women age 65+ and men age 70+: 2 500 points.
Glaucoma screening and Vision Test for members age 60+: 3 500 points.
Dietician consultation: 1 000 points

Step 3:
Earn points for getting active (max 30 000 per year per person) Parkruns / myrun 5km: 300 points per event (link your membership).
Myrun 2.5km / gym visits / run/walk for life / round of golf: 100 points.
5 000 Steps: 50 points for 5000 steps a day (limited to 1000 points per calendar year).
10 000 Steps: 100 points for 10 000 steps a day (limited to 1200 points per month).
Heart Rate monitors: 100 to 300 points per day depending on heart rate and duration.
Timed events: earn for running, walking, cycling or swimming a timed event: 300-3000 points.
Fitness Test: earn up to 7500 points depending on your fitness level.

Vitality Families and Avengers: Endgame

Families on Vitality can win one of five Marvel Avengers: Endgame hampers by doing the following:

  • All families with children from 2 to 5 years old need to earn at least 1 000 Vitality fitness points during the competition period.
  • All families with children from 6 – 17 years old need to earn at least 2 000 Vitality fitness points during the competition period.

The competition runs till 30 June.
Activate HealthyDining

Vitality members can earn 50% cashback on kids healthy meals and up to 25% on healthier choices for adults. Initially, you can earn this through Uber Eats, with restaurant partners Col’Cacchio, Doppio Zero, Nandos and Ocean Basket. Sit down restaurant options are coming soon.

Earn 10% cash back immediately when you activate the benefit, 15% if you have completed the Vitality Age questionnaire and 25% if you have completed your Vitality Health Check.

To activate:

  • Use your Discovery App (make sure you have the latest version).
  • Go to Vitality and then HealthyDining and follow the steps to get your Unique Code.
  • Load the code on your Uber Eats app under Promotions.
  • Order your healthy meal choices through the Uber Eats app.

Disclaimer: The information and opinions in this document have been recorded and arrived at in good faith and from sources believed to be reliable, but no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made to their accuracy, completeness or correctness. The information is provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as the rendering of advice. Informed Healthcare Solutions accordingly accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of this document or its contents. IHS is a licensed financial service provider: FSP # 12239

Discovery Newsletter May 2019

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